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bikeabq bike swap is back…BikeSwap@BikeABQ.org



drink, crank, drunk…not crink, crank, crunk. unless…


Drink Crank Drunk ,round 1, is a social bicycle race.
Date: Feb 23rd (if foul weather, we will reschedule two weeks later on march 9th ) Time: gather at 6:45, teammates drawn at 7:15 race 7:30 Start!Start/ finish: Ilvicino Canteen (2381 Aztec Rd. NE)
Description: This is a 26.1 mile urban race to three different micro-breweries (revealed at start). Riders names will go into a hat and pairs of riders for duo teams will be drawn. Co-ed teams. Non-committal bicycle styles –all are welcome.
Both teammates must ride to all three stops and enjoy a beer of your choice and finish together.
There will be time bonus if you are on a mountain bike with knobby tires, a female rider, drink a 22 oz beer.
Your team can choose any route and any order of stops.
Your team (each member) will need to obtain a “stamp” at each stop on your passport.
Fee: there are no entry fees or prizes really for that matter.
Hints: Bring and present your ID, bring small bills to pay in cash at each stop for faster transactions and bring a bike lock.
In the event we have an odd number of riders, the last name in the hat can choose to ride along with any duo team and help efforts, BUT if that team drops you along the route they don’t have to wait up for you.. Teams cannot swap riders.
I’m thinking about offering a “cruiser” category for those that want to attend but think 26 miles is kind of far …maybe one stop of your choice…will see who shows up and request this.
Disclaimer: Riding a bicycle in an urban environment while under the influence of alcohol is dangerous. If you disagree with this statement and refuse to take responsibility for your own actions, please do not attend. Thank you! I do hope to see each of you there!


the last bicycle weekend

this friday, critical mass comes crashing through your town. meet @ the unm duckpond at 530pm, roll at 600.

this saturday, the poker ride rides again. hidden park 9ishpm, roll at 1000.


why is this the last bicycle weekend? on the 31st, heyfixie is going dark. not completely black, just dark. it’ll change from a .com to a .wordpress.com. i’m leaving it on life support for historical purposes only. i have a new dream for the internet…something about eating clay.


november critical mass

once you finish your shopping, join us for mass.(!)

‘the days are getting cooler, and the darkness is coming earlier, but still we ride! invite your friends, hop on your bike, and join us for our monthly cruise! please bring lights (we will bring glowsticks to share) and don’t forget your gloves! all bikes and riders welcome! meet at 5:30pm, depart at 6:00pm! if folks are interested, we can do a second run leaving the duckpond at 7pm!



unm duckpond 530pm.

friday. 11.29.13

be there!!!

(exclamation points added for fun factor)


alleycat of the headless unicorn lady

1377396_10201599049809687_748223162_nsaturday, 11.2.13, unm duckpond, 230pm.


Put your pedals to the pavement, and ride like hell through the Albuquerque dust as if you are a bunch of Ichabod Cranes!

This alleycat is going to be a points style race based on number of stops. Extra points is going to be towards creative writing skills and literary understanding of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” (psst, here is an online version http://www.bartleby.com/310/2/2.html).

A sampling of activities include the collective story creation of The Legend of Sleepy Albuquerque, gathering of unicorns, and the spotting of the Headless Unicorn Lady.

All level of cyclists and bicycles welcome! Ride all stops or just some. Stay tuned to this page for additional information about stops.


boo cruise

tonight! costume yourself up and cruise to some of the local haunts.boo!

meet @ the duckpond at 8. roll up central to o’niell’s pub, hang for a few brews, then roll to the north diversion trail and up to nexus, hang, then back to la cumbre (or possibly il vicino) for the the best costume of the ride decision…and of course, more beer.


lucky 13 time trial #2

1384099_711734785521131_241098260_n think you’re fast…prove it.

13 miles of the flatest, car-free-est riding in town. meet at the embudo channel trail where it crosses cutler ave ne, right by the hampton inn…basically, carlisle and i40.

fixed gear/single speed and geared classes.

weds. night. 6pm.


…also, brought to you by ‘cranktoberfest’.