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i-40 bike lane

not being a big driver, it’s rare that i find myself on i-40 crossing the river. but this morning on a trip to the westside, i noticed construction where the bike trail next to the interstate ends on the west side of the river. oh yeah, the bike bridge…they’re building a dedicated bike bridge across the rio grande to connect existing trail systems.

two weeks ago at the last poker ride, standing in the cold darkness of west bluff park after midnight, myself and five brave, drunken souls debated the best route back to civilization (nob hill). we came up atrisco (the killa’) and crossed the bridge over the interstate to get there. lacking a more direct route home and not wanting to double back, we ended up going north to montano and back to the bosque.

but those days are numbered…. the construction is underway and scheduled to be completed this june (translated mid-august in new mexico time). i can’t fuckin’ wait.