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shop highlight: university bike world

university bike world…the shop everybody loves to hate. this was one of the first bike shops i frequented when i moved here. pretty cool place to hang if you can hang, that is. austin is the manager there, and he is one funny mother fucker.

unfortunately, to some of the more pee-pee hearted of the community he has been branded a douche. i’m here to tell you that’s just not true. just to prove my point, i asked him what he thinks of the fixed gear scene…his response, “fuck fixed gear”.

but if you don’t know ish about bikes, and your shit is broken, austin is one of the few guys in town that will give you an honest, if not sarcastic opinion. he’s the guy who will get your bike working without selling you stuff you don’t need. his shop has a good supply of parts and a great selection of modern seat posts in obscure sizes to help you get that janky-ass schwinn on the road.

just don’t tell him i sent you.