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farewell, old friend…meet your replacement.

back in the olden days. 1989 to be exact. haro bicycles decided to build some crazy shit called the dart. it was designed to compete in the long defunct bmx formula-1 sport. never heard of it? me neither. only after extensive googling did i find out that this was basically crits on 20″ bikes.

it came equipped with six speeds in the back and a single biopace chainring up front, disc wheel covers and riser bars. when i found it at a pawn shop in florida, i knew it had potential, all time-trially and shit. $40 later it was mine.

fast forward to spring 2008. i finally have a rear wheel built @ university bike world (those douche bags:) and get it on the road. i didn’t realize this would be my new best bike. now, after two years and three paint jobs (if you also count the bare metal look when i first fixed it up), i’m finally retiring it. the bike served me better than well, and even survived fixie tricks by sam (the destroyer) miller. but my son needs wheels for his bmx mini and he already rides fixed so…

…i built a new whip. the feared and venerated nashbar road mkIII. sporting a silly-sick 52/16 (85ish gear inches) ratio, ishiwata tubing, my plush ideale saddle, chop and flop bullhorns, higher end suntour suicide hub and a rear brake. don’t forget the candy-apple red paint. this bike is so badass that i can suddenly do no handed trackstands…as if there were little oompa loompas helping me balance.

i took it for a 20 mile ride today. nice.