riding naked

what amazing roadrash potential! and what a stir this is creating!

there was an ad posted on craigslist on the 23rd for the WNBR (not a rodeo, wrestling, or world bank event). yep, the world naked bike ride…aka critical ass. the posting was deleted, but its spirit lives on in the ongoing rant in the bikes for sale section (see blogroll).

the wnbr had it’s first official ride on 6.12.04. 28 cities participated worldwide. since then it has grown and spread (43 cities committed to ride, 12 expected to repeat last years ride, 7 new rides planned [including abq/sf]). the ride focuses on the promotion of cycling advocacy and green stuff (not that green stuff). here’s their about page. http://wiki.worldnakedbikeride.org/index.php?title=About

the fact is that we’re all riding naked anytime we enter “the realm of the car”. there aren’t any airbags or seatbelts, no side impact protection or safety glass…we are truly nude. an event like this, with enough media coverage and the right sound bites publicized…will open the eyes of a couple of people who have no clue about cycling laws…it will put one or two cyclists that are afraid to ride on the streets, on the streets…it might make the drunk guy lazily weaving behind you pay just enough attention to see if there is some buttcheek to be viewed.

6.12.10 is the date. santa fe is the place. the old fuddy-duds who press their morals upon abq would have us labeled as criminals…but not those freaky hippies in santa fe. if cycling is important to you (duh) and you like being naked (?) then you should go to this site for the nm ride. http://www.meetup.com/World-Naked-Bike-Ride-NM/ sign up! help promote cycling! even with clothes on.


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