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shop highlight: fixed and free

sam peifer…what else can i say? he’s the kind of guy my mom wouldn’t let me hang out with when i was a teenager…and that’s why i like sam so much. no homo.

when sam opened shop (6.4.08) he was the bad word of abq’s bike scene. everyone was talking shit…you can’t just open a bike shop because you ride…. there’s enough bike shops here, he’ll only be taking away from legitimate bike shops’ business…. they’re probably selling meth out the back door…. that guy’s a dick…. how successful can he be, catering to the 20 fixie riders in town…. it’s like my mom talked to them.

the fixed and free was voted #2 in the alibi’s, best of burque 2009 issue (4.2-8.09). not too shabby, considering that at the time they had only been open for 10 months. shortly thereafter sam captured the title of burque’s only authorized cinelli dealership.

the fixed and free is more than a bike shop. sam offers a tool rental program…$25 gets you the use of all shop equipment and the ability to ask for help without being laughed at. not only that, they have an excellent selection of fixed parts and stuff you won’t find anywhere in the state. they’ve sponsored or hosted 8…12…fuck i don’t know exactly how many (i’m only willing to dig though the cranks505 older posts for so long), a whole bunch of alleycats and group events and rides. i look at my spoke card collection and see only 5 other shops on them, most only once.

the only thing not to like about fixed and free is that they’re closed on mondays. what does sam have to say about this? “why didn’t you profile my shop first?”

i’ve been to all but 2 of the bike shops in town and the fixed and free is the best shop in these parts.