putting february to bed.

ah, the cold days of february are behind us. now for the cold days of march. as the olympics come to a close and the sun rises on a new month, i think about how the last one ended…in reverse.

yesterday’s cancer ride benefit was pretty cool. they had a huge turnout (maybe 60+) on what turned out to be a perfect day. we rode as a group to roosevelt park, then up to summit park, acrossish to mcduffie/hidden park and then down morningside to doubletime studios. me and a couple of others couldn’t help but feel like we were on some ‘bizarro world’, middle of the day poker ride. thanks to matt and navi, doubletime, everyone who donated prizes for the raffle and johnny sanchez for leading the parade on the pink tallbike.

the fixed and furious was rad, as usual. jake won the sprint finals by totally crushing sam p (mr. 51×16), jacob and kevin. all those guys will be in the april finals. i was taken out by eric in the final round of footdown after having my rear wheel w.a.f.ed (wonky as fuck) in a second round crash. i think mr.polka dominated the trackstanding. if you think you’re faster than me…well, maybe you should set higher goals for yourself, but you should absolutely come out to the next fixed and furious.

cinema velo was super cool. it seemed awkward that there were 15 or so guys there to watch kevin bacon, and only one or two girls.

karl will be running the next poker ride because he won the last one which i, a) did not attend, b) did not follow up on. hints of a westside trip this saturday….

leoparddad and the boyfriends failed to grasp ‘most badass in these parts’ bike polo title, but i heard it was a hootin’ good time for all. there ended up being 16 or so teams from all over the region.


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