critical mass recap

last nights c-mass was sweet. there were over 70 riders in attendance. not bad for the windy-ass day it happened to be. beth even had spoke cards for all. and then it happened…

i think it all started when we rolled through uptown. just as we rode in, there was a security guard that started yelling for everyone to get off their bikes and walk…of course he didn’t tell the fools driving through to get out and walk their cars. needless to say, we all blew him off. we made our way to the roundabout (a critical mass tradition) and started circling.

…meanwhile the security dick pulls out his big dick flashlight as if he was going to beat us, sunshine theater style, all the while yelling for us to dismount.

we circle again…

more security appears. we’ve also attracted the attention of 2 apd cruisers in the lot.

as the tension mounts, our group becomes two. half rolling east and the other going west…eventually reconnecting @ trader joe’s.

minutes later…as we begin our descent down menaul, we get pulled over by apd…all of us…or so he thought. when i turned the corner, there stood johnny law, telling everyone to stop. once more we split into two groups…the legitimate wing of c-mass, who stopped to hear him out…and the rest of us, who didn’t. those who did told those who don’t that officer ‘i’m twenty-four and i can make up the law as i see fit’ told them that you can’t ride a bike on city streets unless you can do the speed limit. what a fuckin’ joke! it’s nice to know that even the cops don’t have a clue as to bicycle law, or anything else, as is obviously being proven by the lack of progress in the investigation of mr. anderson’s death on the paseo trail.

so we left, regrouped, and took over carlisle. critical mass cannot be stopped!


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