fixed gear crits?

are you ready for some pedal-grinding, brakeless, fixed gear criterium action? i’m not (need a 17 tooth cog), but i’ll be there to watch you fools crash.

are you ready for some holy shit where is this place action? from the fixed and free it’s about 11.14 miles to the start, depending on your route. that equals, @ 75 gear inches, about 267 pedal rotations per mile. so like 3000 spins of the crank. not really that far, but the traffic down there is brutally fast in spots and there’s around 600 dumps in the area so you’ll have plenty of chances to change a tube.

this all goes down on 4.27 (if the pending usac permit is permitted) way the hell south on 2nd st. at vidal. so close to the isleta casino you could throw pennies at it. i wouldn’t recommend it though. everything starts at 515 and the fixed ish begins at 7pm. bring a helmet and $5 for a one day dacing license, leave your common sense with mom.

bcdracing.com/informal.html for the real info.


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