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fire ant power!!!

bike parade fool. that’s what it’s all about, right? probably worth skipping/finishing really fast with the abq century for this. live music afterwards at the ‘wild rumpus’.

this sat.

roosevelt park



poker ride surprise

alright slackers, there’s no excuse now. the weather is right, the nights are warmer, the beer is still cold. the poker ride is back. tonight at hidden park…9pm.

who won last time? where are we going? will we get shot @? no clue. show up w/beer and be surprised!


circus freak

the next big thing…standing, fixed gear pedicabs.


whoa. check this out.

this could be almost as big as the duke city classic. insane pirate riding potential.


fixed and furious…for real this time

friday night @ everyone’s favorite industrial paradise…fixed and furious. sprints, tricks, footdown, blah blah blah. this is just getting too athletic for me. how about a few new events. such as:

beercan bunnyhop competion.

most hardcore gear ratio (high and low). it seems like every f&f some fool is pushing the limit of gear inch stupidity. automatic grand prize for 56×12 on 27″s.

eric natzke payback sesh. you know you want some.

hipster beauty pageant…tight pants, coordinated colors. grand prize? buffalo exchange beatdown.


laila’s show tonight…for real this time

plagiarized straight from the pages of facebook…

Friday’s the day – the grand finale of the object of my attention. As you may have noticed, I have been quite reclusive; I have spent little time away from my art baby, and little time with you all. But it is well worth all the fuss. The time has finally arrived (almost) for me to show you my creation. Ha ha. I am no Dr. Frankenstein. Simply a girl with a collection of drawings, some wine, some food, an animation, and an excellent cellist to share with you. Come by.

The Show:
Friday, May 21, 2010
720 Mountain Rd. NW
(Mountain & 8th)


high tech or notech?

so i rode the santa fe century on sunday…most of it anyhow. as i was lying there, waiting to be airlifted out of galisteo (an a/c cooled f-150 [piloted by a national guardsman]), i wondered about the key to my failure. did i overexert myself on the hilly section between madrid and (ending @) heartbreak hill? did i have too much shit in my bag? clothes not aero enough? too fuckin’ old?

look at these two bikes. which do you think would be the one that could finish a century in 7 1/2 hours? hightech shogun samurai dripping dura ace 9spd and campy…or notech raleigh c30 with one brake, thumb shifter, 42 tooth chainring and a 5 spd freewheel (15-19 teeth) that clashes chain against spoke in the largest ring?

the dura ace failed me, or i failed the dura ace. whichever it was, i was highly disappointed in myself…until later.

…because little did i know, that as i started my day the bacteria that recently invaded my body had insidious plans for my digestive system. around mile 70 i received the memo…again (the old lady sent me a text saying that my son was puking and shitting in the same sentence). i was starting to feel bloated, like too much chinese buffet (not likely between stanley and galisteo). i thought maybe the heat was making me feel nauseous. i’d never ridden ’til i puked but i’d seen it done (go omar!) so i figured what the hell. i stopped but i felt fine, and weak. finally galisteo…”fuck this shit. i’m done.” by the time i got home my guts were making noises like a half full jug of milk being shaken. awesome.

so that’s it. that’s my excuse. time to start training for the enchanted circle.

p.s.   mad props to the nonpussies that made it on one gear: sammy p and matt s rocked it fixed, matt’s ladyfriend tiffany did it singlespeed…and they all rode riser bars.