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polo…bike polo

tonight @ the barellas community center tennis/polo courts, 8pm, bike polo fool. 8th and atlantic.

get there!


and the winner is…

i could have won it. i really could have.

if it wasn’t for passing 4th street, not hitting the lowes grocery in the right order, turning the wrong way on edith, ¬†following the residential addresses west of san mateo (check the map, that shit’s crazy) and ending up almost a half mile north of my goal. i ended up 7th (out of more than 7, damn you).

team polka (david and michael) swept 1st and 2nd places. david won the sickest bike jersey ever…the limited edition chrome one designed by garrett chow of mash. i don’t know if he picked steak or crablegs (runner-up prizes [steak, crab, mushrooms]). bob, who i rode with most of the way until i lost him @ a light on lomas, got third place. he won the mushrooms, not mario brother’s, not magic, just portabello and shiitake…cooked of course.

stevie, of fat tire bikes won the poker ride.

mad props to orin, who threw the race, and sam of fixed and free fame, who let us chill at the shop…and thanks for all you fools that showed up and raced.


busy saturday

this saturday is what every sat. should be like. 5pm @ the fixed and free…alleycat dudes. shortly thereafter…mister johnny sanchez leads the sometimes mischevious, but always entertaining, poker ride. be there, you slackers.

114 tulane-fixed and free.

hidden park 9pm-poker ride.


and i bestow upon thee…bicycle weekend

it’s been a while, but another bicycle weekend is upon us. gloriously pedalling with our 2 wheeled brethren (and sisthren), with a beer in our hand and chaingrease on our pants. we take no prisoners as we roll towards the impending dusk, with lightning crashing in the distant night like celebratory fireworks. as we pass, you hear nothing but the pneumatic hum of high pressure tires and the locust like clicking of the invading freewheels (for those so inclined). the sweet smell of burning hemp entwined with the damp fragrance of the bosque and fermented hops invades our senses as we breathe in the cool night air.

and that’s just friday night.

there’s the poker ride on saturday. and no amount of endlessly stacked adjectives can come close to the reality of the poker ride.

check it all out this weekend! critical mass on friday night (530[pm] @ unm duckpond). poker ride on saturday night (9pm at hidden/mcduffie  park).


i’m all about evolution

last month @ critical mass, someone said, “critical mass always has stops.” one of the oldtimers rebutted, “nah, that’s only been the past three months.” there were more than one person talking about how c-mass just isn’t the same…planned routes…spoke cards…douchebags telling people where we should go…etcetera. …many a disgruntled rider that day.

critical mass is in a state of evolution (into the poker ride some say). gone it seems, are the days when direction was decided at intersections. who can remember the last time critical mass ended at the duck pond? at one time mass was almost exclusively a fixed gear thing. at one time…we actually obeyed traffic laws. these days, many show up only to see what stupidity ensues.

now mind you, i’m a grand proponent of stupidity and debauchery. it’s just weird to see how these iphone toting, vegan, art posers (no offense to my vegan and artist friends [but if you have an iphone you know you’re a douche]) are changing (/fucking up) the scene. evolution dammit!

if you like the bike…and can tolerate change. critical mass has a place for you.

friday. 530. unm duckpond. be there.



yes, it’s a race. at long last. i’m still clueless as to where it starts. this is just proof that it exists….