the ‘official’ 1st ride of the bike bridge

coming down the hill from behind the walmart, things look nice. the prerusted, artistic fencing…the incredible view as you round the bend and start accelerating towards the river….

and then you get to the last .2 miles of the trail before the bridge coming down from the westside, and hit the roughest piece of sidewalk known to man. it’s like they poured the slab, let it harden, and then flipped it over. i wonder if it’s some type of frictional speed control thing, or maybe they were low on cash and couldn’t afford a concrete finisher so they got a guy with a putty knife.

i spent a few years doing commercial concrete work. there are tricks to making smooth sidewalks, like using a screed to properly level the ‘mud’, and then using what they call a bull float (a 48″ wide magnesium trowel of sorts used for leveling concrete, not a frosty drink made with cola and bull ice cream) to make a smooth, slick surface. usually after that, a broom is used to give it a brushed, nonslick surface. as you bounce and rattle your way to the bridge, look down, and see if that looks smoothe.

don’t get me wrong…the bike bridge is a great, beautiful, brilliantly executed plan. but the details are important. it’s like buying a house with doors that don’t close, or a car with no paint on the roof, or a bike without handlebars (i don’t care if you can ride it or not)…etc.

the bridge is good, other than the fact that they figured out how to make it suck in both directions (westbound…horrible climb for the meek. eastbound and down…tooth jarring descent).


1 Response to “the ‘official’ 1st ride of the bike bridge”

  1. 1 guess who
    September 13, 2010 at 3:18 pm

    don’t forget the inherent danger for anyone riding down the (fairly steep) bridge directly at the french fly slicer fence at the bottom. No run-out, no warning track, just a smooth fun downhill of death. How can we expect Karl to stop the death sled at 3 in the morning some Saturday night (never mind that he has had straps for months)?

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