DUMBASS ALERT-watch for this rider

last week i saw this fake colnago on craigslist…somebody bought it. then he put this on craigslist yesterday.

Be on the lookout for a guy named Hai–don’t buy any bikes from him! He sold me a 1990 “Colnago” for $375. It is not a Colnago. He had it repainted and decaled up to look like it, but the guys at my bike shop say it is worth much much less and is in no way as good as anything Colnago would build. For what it’s worth, here’s his post, minus the pics which highlight the word “Colnago” all over the frame.



Date: 2010-09-25, 12:29AM

Hi , up for sale a beautiful vintage bike that had seating in my garage very close to 20 years and it was Made in Japan
everything are look like new .It ‘s a six speeds , Frame : 52 cm you cannot find any bike like this in town , the bike was ridden less than 50 miles everything still look like new
the original paint was Black and I don’t like it . I just have the professional custom paint it yellow pearl it look beautiful .if interest . you can contact me at
( 505 )353-xxxx
Thanks for looking
Have a good day


If you see any ads from a guy named Hai who wants to meet anywhere in the vicinity of Osuna and Vista del Norte, beware! He sells regular bikes dressed up to look high-end.

i posted this…

ha. you thought that bike was a colnago. couldn’t you tell by the sugino vp triple cranks? or that it was made in japan?

john thomas responded…

thanks for the useful response, cocksucker. you’re as bad as the dipshit who sold that bike. go choke on some pavement. thieves suck and so does your mom.

such anger, such aggression…good thing that bike was only a 52cm and not a 68cm.


2 Responses to “DUMBASS ALERT-watch for this rider”

  1. 1 Ron
    October 2, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    Somebody that buys a “Colnago” that is made in Japan and has anything but campy components deserves to be razzed.

  2. 2 luke
    October 9, 2010 at 9:31 pm

    Well. The “cocksucker” post was not by the original buyer. Just a random hater. The orignal buyer’s a nice guy who felt deceived. Not everyone is savvy and at one time we were all newbys. Also, low end colnagos (about $3000) are now made in Taiwan. The dude who sold the bike was not cool when they talked. I believe in helping out fellow cyclists, especially the new ones. Oh and craigslist and ebay are shark tanks–only for the seasoned and careful. So get off the high horse yall.

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