turkeyquest and the great upset

we sat on the cool grass waiting for the others to arrive as the sun was crawling away from me and my single layer (ride hard or freeze). i had no idea where we were going, or what the night had in store…other than impending hypothermia. after some chat with the other riders, we crossed the street and positioned our bikes for the start.

…and they’re off! 4 of us headed north through the campus, past the duckpond, and towards the 1st checkpoint. then there was the convergence of the lost (also known as the ‘where the fuck is the checkpoint?’ group) on the north diversion trail. the multiple choice checkpoints were cool…and they caused enough confusion to give some the advantage.

blah, blah, blah…. anyhow, i arrived at the finish to place 4th…and step into the controversy of rules. paul arrived first followed by matt, bob, and myself after the epic mlk uphill drag race. the problem was that paul didn’t meet the requirements of all the checkpoints. so even though he got there 1st, he was stripped of another glorious victory. hence, matt got the chrome winners jersey…bob got a pink lock…i got a lesser jersey…and vegetarian t.j. got a turkey(?).

i know. rules are made to be broken. but in a race where so few rules exist…

the dude must abide.


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