guess what?

you know what’s more awesome than the last poker ride? the next poker ride. you know why?

’cause i won it, sucka! ha! yeah, big $35 jackpot baby…

sorry about that. but since i did win…i now have the responsibility of organizing ‘The Greatest Poker Ride Ever’. i could tell you about all the great stops i have in store, or i could tell you i don’t have a clue where to take us. the truth be told, i’m somewhere in between. show up on saturday night and find out what i currently don’t know.

hidden park 9pm


1 Response to “guess what?”

  1. 1 el duke
    February 25, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    Dude, Now the next ride is tomorrow the 26th, right? I wanna ride to sandia casino for free sody pop.

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