pump it up!

first i have to say…yes, the slimy deathmud in the arroyos is slippery.

i found that out, after finding out the hard way that cheap, chinese, thorn resistant tubes just don’t want to stretch to fit the inside of katie’s tires. lucky for her, we were 200 yards from cycle cave when it powwed(!). cool little shop. so little, i wasn’t allowed to bring the bike in to change the tube (but i was told by a sweet old lady). but i did get to use their lezyne pump. nice. $40.

…a short time later in the arroyo @ montgomery park.

“i don’t think it’s safe (to ride in the arroyo),” katie says.

“yeah right,” i smirk…foolishly. seconds later i’m down. another victim of the arroyo slime.

as we approached the washington bypass on the diversion trail, we ran into the amafca bike pump welded and bolted to the trail. brought to you by the albuquerque metropolitan arroyo flood control authority (amafca…acronym mandatory) . awesome bike friendliness.

too many bike pumps today. i’m carrying a spare tube to critical mass tonight.


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