and just as quickly, it’s over

on the eve of polka’s departure, i think of the slow, fizzling away of the fixed gear scene here in abq…looking through my numbers…names of people i haven’t seen for a year, longer…critical mass, july 4th 2008, 100+…critical mass, may 6th 2011, 6… i remember sam of fixed and free, riding up central carrying a 6′ ladder on his cannondale track bike…now he has a truck…spokecards taped to my fridge…collecting dust and curling in the heat…the races are dried up like the desert flowers before august came…when is our august coming? when will we bask in the glorious cameraderie of days past?

some of us are still around, lurking in the shadows of our jobs and dark bar corners…hoping for a flyer of an upcoming halloween race or what have you. you’ll find some, furiously drinking away their sat. night on the poker ride.

crazy parties, crazy races and rides, crazy to think things would never end…

one day our august will come, and we’ll ride deep into the night.


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