day (late, dollar short) of the tread

so after skidding to a stop, on my face, in front of the casino on tramway. i’ve had some time to reflect on what really happened and why my face looks like the guy from breaking bad (post bomb).

a) coasting down tramway @ 20+ mph is not the time to bite the top off of a halloween sized box of grape nerds.

b) meanwhile keeping control with my front brake hand, my hat goes airborne in the downhill blast. (past experience with dropping shit while riding dictates a swift stop and recovery before said shit gets runover). i squeezed the brake….

c) the brake i grabbed for is a shimano m-960 v-brake. these brakes are designed with special linkage arms to keep the pads parallel with the rims, therefore increasing efficiency and power…power i didn’t need at high speed. anyone who’s used a v knows efficiency and power are never a problem…endo makers. needless to say, i endoed.

d) not paying the entry fee probably didn’t help either (would have had to wear a helmet). fuckin’ karma.


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