¡no bikes, no mames!

so i was riding up the n. diversion trail the other day. i rolled under i-25 in the usual fashion and made my usual left turn to get on chappell rd. and avoid all those bumpy-ass wooden bridges. shortly after passing singer rd., i see a no bikes sign for northbound traffic, then 2 more. what kinda bullshit is that? highway supply llc happens to be right across the street from the sign…and of course they sell that sign. but they didn’t put it there…although they may be part of the reason they’re there.

i found this post by local bike activists from bikeabq. they and the duke city wheelmen foundation have serious concerns about the placement of the signs. looks like i’m not the only one pissed.  from what i understand, some of the local businesses have complained about bike traffic (safety) concerns.

i don’t know the technical details, but i know that if some douchebag sees the sign…and then me riding the same road. i’m sure he/she’ll feel extra animosity towards my 2 wheeled ass.

divide and conquer.


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