gobac…no bikes allowed

went to my first city council meeting last night. there were people calling for the firing of police chief ray schultz. there were pictures of cats. there was a city councilor that didn’t look up from his ?pad until the boob lady took the podium. there was a woman telling the councilmembers that corporations now rule the world and that even they, are already screwed.

…there were also some well-spoken members of burque’s cycling community. members of the dcwf, gabac, bikeabq all spoke before the committee, pointing out how unfriendly those 4 signs look for a bike friendly city. councilors debbie o’malley, rey garduño, isaac benton and council president trudy jones seemed to agree and also showed interest in why proper procedure wasn’t followed, and even a question of the legality of the placement of the signs. acting dir. of the municipal development dept., michael riordan, was very apologetic about not following protocol…but then non-apologetically lied to everyone there about how they meet with gabac monthly about just these sort of issues. chief administrative officer robert perry also didn’t agree, and told a personal story about crossing the bridge on the wrong road (singer rd) and later called gabac, gobac.

here’s an option, for $225.40 (free shipping), we could offer to buy the 4 signs and install them ourselves. of course that would be too easy, and probably piss off local businesses that might have made charitable ‘contributions’ to local government. i guess the proper way is to go to the next city council meeting (feb. 6th) and speak up…again.

i was told that there will be a front page article in thursdays abq journal. it’s unfortunate that it takes two people getting hit on our streets last week to create enough interest to merit a front page spot.


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