the duke cometh

bike prom parade)   what better way to kick off the classic, than with a prom. find a date before the date finds you.

fixed and furious)   does anyone remember the good old days? when reckless young souls lined up their machines on an empty street and raced off into the darkness? no, not cars, dummy…bikes.  footdown, trackstand and trick competition to boot.

polo, polo, poker)   saddle up your ghetto stallion and ride. if you’ve ever wondered what the big deal is about bike polo, this is your chance to find out. maybe play a hand of cards afterward @ the poker ride.

bridges of bernalillo county)   a century/brevet for the independent side of you.

grass track)   imagine a perfect sunset over a grassy field. stealthily sipping brews and racing in circles, all cyclocrossy…wipeouts galore.

el jeffe)   ¿how in tune are you con la raza? an alleycat guarantizado to have you running for the border.

brewery crawl)   you think cruise? you’ll be crawlin’ by last call.

fixed and furious is back)   another friday, another night at the drags.

duchess ride)   hello ladies! ever wondered what it would be like to win that race, without having to compete with all that emo testosterone? a race for the femme…no dogs allowed.

fin)   bbq and closing party to close all parties.

check the duke city classic link to the right for dates and updates. goto may.


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