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bike month

may is bike month. more info @ league of american bicyclists


details, details….

For the 3rd year running the fixed gear fools of Burque bring you the Duke City Classic. This year we are growing to include 10 days of bicycle bliss. Race or ride as many of the events as you dare. Duke and Dutchess of Albuquerque to be crowned at the closing party based on participation and performance among other stuff.

All Riders are welcome and all rides are free. Most events can be ridden on whatever bike you want, but you will be asked to play fair at a few events(i.e. put your swanky road bike in 1 gear and stick with it)

Friday May 11th –
_ Punk Rock Bike Prom Parade and opening party (everyone, all bikes, dress up, dress your bike up, bring a friend, show up late if you cant make it early)
Details to be finalized 6:30 thru ALL NIGHT LONG. Catch up as you can.

Saturday May 12th
_ Polo Race 1:00 at the Duck Pond. Bring your best bike for slow speed maneuverability. Short ride with fun challenges.
_ Pickup Polo
Between 2 and 5
Mallets will be provided. Pick up a mallet and give it a shot.
_ Poker Ride (all bikes)
9pm at Hidden Park (McDuffie Park)

Sunday May 13th
_ Bridges of Bernalillo County Guerrilla Century (geared bikes encouraged)
8am at the Duck Pond
_ Cyclo Femme Ride (all bikes)
2pm at the Duck Pond
Empower women in cycling and the opportunity for positive social change. Teach women to ride and they will change the world.
_ Maybe a potluck this evening.

Monday May 14th
_ Monday Mountain Bike Mania (any bike you are OK with taking on the trails, )
Foothills (Meeting place TBD) There may be 2 or 3 time slots for this. More info forthcoming.

Tuesday May 15th
_ Grass Track Grands 7pm at Johnson Field
3 laps on the grass, multi-racer, multi-heat elimination format.

Wednesday May 16th
_ La Raza Alley Cat (all bikes)
6:30 at the Duck Pond

Thursday May 17th
_ Burque Brew Crawl (all bikes)
7pm at Tractor Brewing Tap Room

Friday May 18th
_ Fixed & Furious (prove fixed gear is not dead in ABQ)
6:30 at Fixed & Free
7:30 at the intersection of Commercial & Odelia NE

Saturday May 19th
_ Dutchess Race (all bikes)
Ladies Points competition. The stops will be manned.

Sunday May 20th
_ CLOSING PARTY / RAFFLE / Good Times … more details to come

(thanks to matts for the descriptions)


for the 2 people that didn’t show up.

critical mass, getting critical.


prizes…we’s got prizes

don’t tell your friends. maybe they won’t show up.

thanks to the generosity of awesome sponsors…knog, bagaboo, pbr, yancopads, fyxation,  damien velasquez powdercoating, fixed and free, bike world, bike coop and a shitload of others, we’ve gotten so many dope prizes for the duke city classic that we may just have to add more events…or keep it all and open a bike shop.

unfortunately…a) we already have so much going on we can hardly keep track of it.

b) we already have more bike shops than we can hang out @.

so instead, come out and win some excellent schwag.


bicycle week

coming to a bike trail near you…


bicycle weekend

critical mass this friday afternoon @ the unm duckpond. meet around 530, ride at 600.

poker ride this saturday night…hidden park 9pmish.


bike swap!