postmortem 1.0

so i want to thank everyone involved with the duke city classic this year.

1st) i want to thank the organizers; matts, for his control freakish leadership. beth, for the awesome graphix and extra enthusiasm. lee ann, for the pimping of facebook. robin, for the silkscreening and camerawork. bob, for jacking my alleycat idea and making a sweet century ride out of it and keeping matts on edge.

2nd) our sponsors; knog, for hooking it the fuck up. fixed and free, for all the sweet prizes. pbr, for the cruiser bike, etc., etc.. damian velasquez, for the powdercoat job. bagaboo, for the super quality threadgoods. gasworks, for hosting the prbp. yancopads, for hats and pads. good food eat here, for the killer grub. chrome and lezyne, for awesome bags. il vicino, la cumbre, nexus, tractor and chama brewing, for brew cruise goodness. two wheel drive, bike world, bike ms, fyxation, the guild, urban velo, the bike coop, self serve, oakley, and so many more. you guys are awesome…and we expect more from you next year.

3rd) all of you cyclists that participated and attended all these cool events. without all of you, we’d just have a bunch of free stuff…wait a second.

4th) apd and the city of burque, for not fucking things up.

5th) anyone else that’s cool.

for the sake of brevity and levity…and an extra thanks to all the douchebags that couldn’t take the time to respond to emails…as if.

thanks people.


1 Response to “postmortem 1.0”

  1. 1 Bob
    May 24, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    AND don’t forget to thank yourself Jeff, you brought in most of those kick-ass foreign sponsors, making you the new official swag guy. kudos.

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