last night, i met up with some friends. our goal for the evening…riding to bear canyon arroyo to watch the perseid meteor shower. we climbed the paseo de las montañas trail in the darkness of the burque night. the climb doesn’t take us long, even though it feels that it should, but it’s definitely a good workout. at last, the six of us stood on the pedestrian bridge over tramway. looking down through the chainlinks, towards the north, i watched the cars coming and going…destinations unknown. a cool breeze blew from the north and cooled the sweat of the ride up. a few moments later, we were off, rolling north on the bike trail towards our destination.

we lay upon the warm concrete embankment and watched the drifting sky. laughter, music, spilt beer, all twisted through the time spent there as glowing stones streaked across the palette of stars.

after a while, we packed up our bags and saddled our steed for the ride home. matt, justin and i temporarily broke away from the rest of the group to ride our mountain bikes down the dirt trails of the arroyo. down, down, down to the tunnel that goes underneath juan tabo. the tunnel walls were covered with graffitti, illuminated by my light, ever so briefly, then shrouded once more in their cave-like darkness. suddenly we were out of the darkness…into the darkness. we reconnected with the others by cnm and then uneventfully rolled to our waiting beds.

i wish i were a vampire.


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