seek & zine bicycle scavenger hunt

Have FUN!
Ride your BIKE!!
Make a mini zine in one hour with two/three of your friends!
Raise a little coin for ABQ Zine Fest!

Meet your team at Winning Coffee 111 Harvard SE @ 11am. You’ll have three hours to gather clues from several locations and approximately one hour to make your mini zine! Include all the necessary categories to gain points! Use your bonus points! The highest score WINS!

Teams will be given one official Zine & Seek zine with all the clues, zine elements, locations and bonus points.

Meet back at Winning Coffee @ 3pm to have your points tallied. A winning team will be declared! Then, let the trading of the mini zines begin!

$2 Donation per team. (Help keep ABQ Zine Fest FREE.)
NO performance enhancing drugs.
Make something RAD.
Another (((Pre-zine))) event brought to you by ABQ Zine Fest.

Bicycle Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, September 15, 11am-3pm

Visit www.abqzinefest.com for more info SOON!’


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