bicycle weekend, poker ride, and other debauchery

let the excitement begin! critical mass will be cruising down a street near you, this friday evening, 7pm @ the unm duckpond…rollout 730.

saturday…bike swap part 2. put down your ipa and stick your swimming head out the door of marble brewery, and you’ll see the 2 wheeled throng of swappers and shoppers at 1107 1st st nw…noon ’til 5pm.

so now what? you bought a bike up the street, now marble say you’ve reached your 3 groehler limit…the lil’ devil on your left shoulder throws his pint across the room opa style then whispers in your ear, ‘poker ride.’ meet up with the rest of the possessed riders at 9(ish)pm, hidden park. costumes not required, but…it is halloween weekend. i don’t know where the stops are, but i’m sure a party will stop us.

6522? last night; 6 pack, 5 cards, 2am home. the last 2? 2 aspirins. now you’re ready….

sunday. 730am at embassy stes., day of the tread rolls into the sunrise. 12 -100 mile rides if you’re feeling antsy. wear a helmet (reminder to self).


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