florida cold

rolling across town today reminded me of commuting in tampa. only in the sense that i was the only one out there.

the cold wind of winter had its way with burque’s cycling community. it was 27° when i crushed my way to warmth while bombing central in spite of nature’s attempt to keep me frosty with an honest to whatever tailwind. 430…the ride home was no better, already cooling down from a sweltering high of 28°, it was once more 27°.

the snow was nice…until it melted, and immediately refroze into everyone’s favorite, black ice. lucky for me, nearly all of the ice had vaporized…except for the shaded parts, aka, the bike lane on the southern half of the road, aka, damn you ice!

715…the temp. has dropped to 22°, with some snow to ground stickage going on. yesss, hiding the ice…but that was the least of my worries. in florida, i used to ride specialized armadillos on my bike. that brought the equation to <1 flat per month @ 160 miles per week. goatheads were what mexicans made barbacoa with, and sealant…we didn’t know what that was.

i was on my way to the co-op for a vegan cupcake, not that i’m vegan, but anyhow. i suddenly hear that (now) all too familiar tick-tick-tick of a not so tasty goathead. i reach down and brush it off as i roll down the white street. pfft-pfft-pfft-pfft-pfft-pfft-pfft-(and?)pfft-pfft…wtf? i stop, put the piercing to the ground, and start whacking it on the ice glazed pavement to get the hole to seal with stuff…no dice. the sealant is frozen.

and yet another reminder of florida…the sound of a hopeless flat.


2 Responses to “florida cold”

  1. 1 Bob
    January 16, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    27 degrees? If you would have been riding at 8am you would have seen me and the temp was sub 20 at that time.

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