sam and jacob’s super secret winter alleycat…update!

it looks like the race isn’t happening this weekend.

this popped up on fb the other day…

‘hello too to all. let me begin by saying that this message is for those attending or thinking of attending sam and jacob’s super secret winter alleycat… i must ask you all for some help:
we have decided to move the race on account of the weather that is forecasted to come…cold we can do…wet we can do…but winter rain is a no no. we have two options…we can move the race to a date soon after planned (one of these upcoming weekends) or hold off and run a huge starting of spring alleycat…what do you guys think???’

one guy posted this ‘…how about you sack up and deal with it. no compromises.’ (this is just not said enough.)

‘…tough it out!’

some guy in china said, ‘you know you’ve lived in a desert too long when you believe a forecast of rain means it will actually rain…’

in the end logic prevailed(?), and there will be a grander race because of it, ‘i’d love to tough it out friends…but i think it would be unfair to us and our sponsors…for the 5 that are willing to ride in winter rain, there is a potential 30 that won’t come out. but we’ll do sooner rather than spring.’

stay tuned…


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