crusty sun worshippers’ great big daylight savings celebration ride

sunday, march 10th, 2013…

‘everybody seems pretty stoked about the return of daylight savings time, so let’s celebrate the return of longer days with a great big all-day celebratory loop ride around the city.
circles are special and magical, and this marks the beginning of bike-a-whole-lot season for many. let’s make a big impenetrable ring of love, positivity, and good intentions for a safe DST riding season. maybe we could rock it all pagan-styley and bring some kind of trinkets to place at the north, east, south, and westernmost point along the ride.
we can try out the proposed mayor’s 50-mile loop that goes up tramway, across paseo, down unser/golf course, across bridge, up the bosque, through downtown and nob hill, and across paseo de las montanas. there will be an easy out at the top of the north diversion channel for folks who don’t want to do the whole thing.
relaxed pace with lots of stops at parks and things. please share the invite, everybody in the whole wide world is invited.’

meet @ tractor brewing co., 118 tulane se, 1pm.


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