fixed and furious

…the night air is coming. the orange glow of sunset slowly fades above us, as we trackstand in wait. 1/4 mile ahead lie two flashing red lights on opposite sides of commercial st. we can hardly wait to get to those blinkies…yet none of us will enjoy the road ahead. we want the destination…fuck the trip.100_9590


rings and cogs gnash their teeth as torque is applied. the sound of an underlubricated chain and the wind are all i hear while  pushing and pulling simultaneously on the bike strapped between my legs. my heart pumps like an overdose of blue sky…each breath feels one step closer towards sucking fire into my lungs.

halfway up the road, i’m passed on the left, then the right. i maintain my pace (it’s all i have to give), past the cheering spectators, and over the finish. ¡oh shit, speedbump!

friday, may 24th, fixed and furious is back! sprints! skid comp! trick jam! trackstand contest! footdown! yes, footdown.

…part of the 2013 duke city classic


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