…poker swim

saturday night was another of those wtf moments.

8pm…everything is going as planned, the sun has set, some clouds in the sky. it’s starting to cool off…i’ll take long sleeves please. 922pm…matt and i are the first ones at the park. we sip frosty beverages as we contemplate how the poker ride went from 900 to 922 (actually, it was 930 before others start to arrive). 925…i comment that the base is doing bomb tests. by 930, i realize that i’m hearing thunder in the distance. 1010pm…ten of us start to roll south towards the impending storm. we’re heading to veteran’s memorial park. there’s a covered amphitheater that we can use for shelter if necessary. as we reach the corner of morningside and zuni, the first thin drops of rain begin to fall and i assure bob that we’ll just miss the storm…how wrong i was.

1025…we arrive at the park, winded from sprinting through the steadily strengthening storm. we get to the amphitheater, only to find that the roof is made of perforated steel. we end up on the front porch of the veterans museum, drippin’ and sippin’. 1130…on the phone with my lady. she’s wondering how we can only be @ the first stop. 5 minutes later the rain stops. we wind our way through the way cool park when suddenly we are redrenched by another wave of rain…we head back to the museum. suddenly the 1st stop has become the second.

1151…i talk to karl, who mysteriously disappeared just before wave 2. he has resurfaced at the chevron station on wyoming near the base. 1208…we start heading to the chevron to meet karl. halfway there we’re soaked again. after a quick game of squeegee basketball, we start back towards the new last stop…my garage.

of course it starts raining again. we find a park, deep in the war zone, with sheltered picnic tables. 115am…to make a long story short, we get to the garage, order some pizzas from domino’s and enjoy the dry.

so if you were wondering where the poker ride went…the same park twice, a gas station, trumbull park and a garage. epic.


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