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november critical mass

once you finish your shopping, join us for mass.(!)

‘the days are getting cooler, and the darkness is coming earlier, but still we ride! invite your friends, hop on your bike, and join us for our monthly cruise! please bring lights (we will bring glowsticks to share) and don’t forget your gloves! all bikes and riders welcome! meet at 5:30pm, depart at 6:00pm! if folks are interested, we can do a second run leaving the duckpond at 7pm!



unm duckpond 530pm.

friday. 11.29.13

be there!!!

(exclamation points added for fun factor)


alleycat of the headless unicorn lady

1377396_10201599049809687_748223162_nsaturday, 11.2.13, unm duckpond, 230pm.


Put your pedals to the pavement, and ride like hell through the Albuquerque dust as if you are a bunch of Ichabod Cranes!

This alleycat is going to be a points style race based on number of stops. Extra points is going to be towards creative writing skills and literary understanding of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” (psst, here is an online version

A sampling of activities include the collective story creation of The Legend of Sleepy Albuquerque, gathering of unicorns, and the spotting of the Headless Unicorn Lady.

All level of cyclists and bicycles welcome! Ride all stops or just some. Stay tuned to this page for additional information about stops.