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fixed and fremodel

as if my weekend wasn’t busy enough…old lady’s family in town, her birthday, the bastard easter bunny. then i get a call from ol’ sam.

“yo dude. wanna stay up ’til 2am sat. and sun. and build me some cabinets?”

“sure. who needs sleep?” i replied.

the rest is history.


duke city classic the 2nd

the dcc is back and it’s taking no prisoners (not that it would…dcc is a friendly, all inclusive type of event. not some bushbama winner goes to guantanamo deal.). there’s a few new things added to the lineup this year, like the ladies only duchess ride, the picnic ride and the brewery cruise (the brewery cruise will take no prisoners). more fun than you can shake a stick @.

May 14 & 15 – Herb Martinez Park, Santa Fe – NM Friendly Bike Polo Tournament – 9 am – 6 pm (save some beer for the poker ride! [9pm, hidden park])

May 17 – Grass Track – UNM Johnson Field – 7:30 pm

May 18 – Freak the Fractal Alleycat – monte vista elementary – 6 pm

May 19 – Brewery Cruise – Fixed & Free Bike Shop – 7 pm

May 20 – Fixed & Furious – commercial and odelia – 7 pm

May 21 – Duchess Ride – Ladies Only – UNM Duck Pond – 2 pm

May 22 – Bosque Picnic Ride – UNM Duck Pond – 2 pm


juan-a poker ride?

no, not that juana…juan will be leading this weekend’s madness. byob(s)…as always.

saturday. 9pm. hidden park.


dear chrome, wtf?

so i was out last night, drinking beers in illegal places, with my lawless friends…hey, wow, my beer is empty. i think i’ll have another. it was a red ale it was, brewed within 2 miles of where i was standing. the night was cool and so was the bottle. what happened next…not so cool. i reached for my chrome messenger bag to utilize the ‘seat-belt buckle release that doubles as a bottle opener’ (according to their website). flip of the wrist…pop! fuck! …blood.

snapped the neck right off the bottle.

yeah, i know. shit happens. and i was drunk…but. this isn’t the first time i’ve seen this happen. last year a friend of mine was opening a beer for me with his chrome bag and the same thing happened, without the filleted hand.

now i’ve seen beers opened with all sorts of stuff, knives, screwdrivers, lighters, even teeth (florida style). but never have i seen any shit like that. chrome surely wins the ‘worst designed bottle opener in history’ award, stealing the title from fired bullet.


bikeswap mass ride

“roll out from the garage at UNM at 6:30 (that means 7 NM time)…i think that’s what we did last year,” says matt.

i said, “cool.”

unm parking garage. 630ish. be there.


did i mention the bike swap?

contrary to the false information posted on craigslist, the bike swap will begin at 1000 and they will charge you 18% and a buck. check in also begins at 1000 hours today (oops) and friday.

…and that’s where you’ll find me tomorrow morning…checking in bikes and scheming on which of them shits i’m gonna buy early.

speaking of that. last year i bitched about how things were run the year before blah, blah bl…. anyhow, times have changed. this year i got a golden ticket(!), so to speak. they let us shop the night before. so yes, i’m gonna buy all the good stuff and leave you huffys. and yes, the swap will be outside this year. so i apologize, for now, bike swap…for all the bad ish i said last year.

oh yeah! poker ride weekend. hidden park, 9pm.

and you’re missing bike polo (as of 813pm) tonight, but check it out on sundays and tuesdays also @ heights community center (823 buena vista). 7pm.


bike swap!

it’s back…hopefully outdoors this year.